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The state's emphasis, he said, should be on "Vermont owned and Vermont controlled energy," especially renewable energy projects built and owned by communities with utility assistance.

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"In each case there is going to be a statement of what is necessary in order for this plant to continue to operate," she said. What the state needs, she said, is "a governor negotiating on behalf of Vermonters."

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"I know it is not simple to replace that power," Pollina said. But "I am not a fan of Vermont Yankee."

"We have to analyze where we are with the alternatives that are ready in 2012 and what is the status of the plant, can it continue to be relied on," she said.

"I am not saying that is not a big jump. But it is important to analyze what is the (actual) impact on rates," Symington said.

Gov. James Douglas places the responsibility for the electrical supply in the hands of the state's utilities. He said on Friday the government should collaborate with utilities as they strike new deals with the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant and Hydro Quebec, but it should not dictate where companies buy power.

of his energy plan say it does not do enough to direct utilities toward renewable energy projects.

Symington stops short of saying that Yankee should be shut down after 2012. Instead, she said the state should assess the reliability of the Vernon plant, the availability of alternative electric power sources and the relative costs of each option.

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Though the governor has appointed a panel to review Nike Air Max 2017 Baby Pink

Douglas' hands off approach differs from that of his political mentor and former boss Gov. Richard Snelling who took a more active role, essentially directing the utilities to buy power from Canada. Douglas said he knows critics Air Max 2017 Blue

He cited two ways in which the Womens Nike Air Max Pink state will work with utilities: He said the administration is developing an energy plan (now in draft form) and would work to smooth the state's sometimes rocky relationship with Quebec officials.

Symington said the single most important thing the state can do to increase the amount of renewable energy generated (especially wind generation) in Vermont is to get Nike Air Max 2016 Black

out of the way. She says the state has created a double standard by requiring green energy developers to pay more in taxes and decommissioning costs than conventional power generators like Vermont Yankee.

the plant, she said the Public Service Department has not provided enough assistance to the panel. The administration vigorously denies this allegation.

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"I don't think we know the real costs," he said. "I would work as hard as humanly possible to lay the groundwork to replace Vermont Yankee in 2012."

The Douglas administration, Symington said, is too reluctant to question the reliability of Vermont Yankee.

Even if regulators deem the plant to be reliable and safe, disposal of the spent radioactive fuel is too great a problem to warrant the plant's continued operation, Pollina said.

´╗┐Energy issues galvanize race for governor

"The level of outreach has been extensive to determine Vermont's views on the energy future," he said.

Of the three leading candidates, Independent Anthony Pollina comes the closest to saying the plant should be shuttered after 2012. He said the state should rely on other sources and greater energy efficiency after that point.

Douglas has said his confidence in the plant's operation has been shaken by several incidents reported there over the last few years.

MONTPELIER With heating fuel and gas prices fluctuating, and two of Vermont's major electrical contracts coming to a close, it's no surprise that energy cost issues have galvanized the current race for the state's top job.

"Ultimately it is the retail utilities that have the responsibility," Douglas said Friday. "In the last five years we have gone from the highest rates in New England to the lowest. It is hard to complain."

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He has said Yankee should continue to operate if its safety and reliability can be assured. But power costs, which could have increased under a decommissioning funding bill he vetoed, are also a big worry, Douglas has said.

His opponents in the gubernatorial race, Speaker of the House Gaye Symington and Independent Anthony Pollina, don't believe Douglas has done enough to prepare the state for a period of energy uncertainty.

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Symington said these impediments to wind and alternative energy projects should be eliminated before the expiration of Vermont Yankee's current operating license in 2012.

He argues, however, that the plan is based on a huge volume of public input.

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Symington said if Vermont Yankee is decommissioned, the expected increase in power rates might not be as high as anticipated. If, for example, utilities relied on wholesale power on the open market and the price of that power doubled, customers would be unlikely to see the full impact of the increase in cost because utilities use a mix of electrical suppliers.

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