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I heard from many honest and non greedy teachers that they were willing to participate in extra curricular activities but they can do it because of the ban from their union. But when the ban is lifted it becomes the choice of the teachers to participate in extra curricular activities. How come you are loyal to your union during the ban and not loyal to your union when ban is lifted. I do respect teachers in general but not those who are greedy, use our kids to accomplish their demand. I wish Government ban all unions for all Government (Federal, Provincial, Municipal) employees.

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your heads a shake folks. No matter who you all individually blame as the guys here the fact remains that the system is broke and unsustainable.

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The Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation lifted its ban on extracurricular activities about a month ago, but noted the decision would be left to individual teachers.

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to keep it out of the media so that the rest of us with children in public schools don have to listen to your never ending self praise.


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Teachers withdrew from extracurricular activities to protest legislation that was used to force contracts on them in January and also banned them from striking.

Most of the province public school teachers stopped participating in non classroom related activities in protest of Bill 115, a controversial law that imposed two year contracts on more than 126,000 public educators.

´╗┐Elementary teachers union lifts ban on extracurricular activities

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TORONTO The union representing Ontario public elementary teachers has joined the high school teachers union in lifting a ban on voluntary or extracurricular activities.

Here we go again More politics involving our kids. Let all shout how wonderful the teachers and the govt. are that they care so much about our children they would give each other what they want! The teachers give the govt a political shot in the arm as the saviours of extra curriculars, oh yes please don forget to vote. And in return? The govt. gives exactly what again to the teachers? Oh wait they didn say how that works. Listen, if you going to make backroom deals at least have the decency Nike Air Max 2014 Images

light of the progress made during these discussions and a commitment that talks to address outstanding issues will continue, ETFO is suspending its advice to members regarding voluntary/extracurricular activities. response, Premier Kathleen Wynne released a statement praising the decision.

you know, we have been in discussions with the government since February. These talks will continue. We are now confident that the government has demonstrated a commitment to dealing with concrete items of importance to our members, Hammond said in the message.

the only possible outcome to this whole sordid mess is a failing education system and future generation ill equipped Womens Air Max 2016 Print to handle the real world.

As much as I admire teachers (most anyways) it doesn change the fact that you have a really sweet deal that takes advantage of the average Ontario taxpayer but you too full of yourselves to admit it (or even notice). Maybe you just don give a damn that those paying you salaries have had to deal with really rough times and aren getting the raises, benefits, or job guarantees that you accept as your right.

hope that elementary school students, teachers and support staff across the province will once again enjoy the activities and programs that mean so much to them. extracurricular activities are of course, voluntary, so it remains to be seen how quickly they return.

A corrupt government, A manipulative union and a whole bunch of greedy teachers.

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Sam Hammond, the president of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario, said in a statement late Tuesday night that the ban is being lifted in light of progress made in talks with the government.

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happy to learn that the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario has suspended their advice to members regarding voluntary extracurricular activities, Wynne statement Nike Air Max 2017 Nz

Womens Air Max 2016 Print

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