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Instead of 800 a month rent I can pay 2 months and then a little extra security deposit. The landlord with experience sees this and says to take that kind of risk I will need 3 months paid upfront and double the security deposit. Most can meet that description and then that when the prospect says you are unreasonable and leaves and I say let them go elsewhere because I know what happens most of the time. Self employed and contractors etc. and certain types of jobs are very unstable so as a landlord you have to protect yourself. That was my first thought: they have bad credit or are trying to cover up for job issues.

I have done this type of deal before and the extra money upfront is tempting but it all about the details. If they live 2 months paid up but then do a bunch of damage or have to evict then you would have been better off waiting for a more stable tenant.

The way a tenants mind works usually is " My credit isn decent and my job history isn as stable so here is what I will offer Mr. landlord "

This is a roommate situation. 30 days notice here and they out.

He also the only tenant I ever had to die in one of my places. One day his daughter called me because she hadn heard from him for a few days. I let her in and we found him in bed, dead for a day or so.

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I had an older gentleman that used to do that.

They probably would be hard to get a judgement against as they a self employed counselor.

I googled their name, and found they were a counselor. The registered address of the counselor healthcare license is a $500,000 house. The Nike Air Max Huarache White

I have to ask for bank statements.

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Nike Air Max Women

Nike Air Max Women

How long does it take to evict in your state and how much ahead are they willing to pay??

Not saying that the case (there are lots of reasons to pay in advance), but just something to keep in mind. While there are a few trustworthy people who just want to pay in advance, the more common reason is poor financial management that will come back to bite or they have something to hide. While they are flush with cash during tax time, you have to ensure they can continue paying rent normally the rest of the year. Up to you to determine.

What reserves do they have in their bank account and how much is going Air Max 2017 Images

I wonder if their seemingly home ownership (with a divorce in the picture) might make them less of a risk?

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They offered 3 months in advance.

You need to look at the profile like a potential lender and asses risk and ability to pay. The more problems found the more stringent your demands. If they are offering 3 try to get 5 or 6 upfront. You want to time the upfront payoff in a way that if they stop having money you can get them out quick and it will Nike Air Max Women be a strong rental time of the year so you can land the most tenants and give the least in rent concessions upon releasing. Also you can check with your local county or city eviction court and see what their writ volume and dispossessory looks like month to month. He might be offering the 3 months in advance just to make sure he can at least stay that long (like waiting for support hearings or something). Especially in a divorce, the court may freeze accounts or force one party to pay the other a large cash amount, so no matter what his bank statements say now, he may not know if he have any money next month, let alone 3 months from now. I definitely check his bank statements to make sure he is sound financially before you rent to him, just saying that if it a divorce, that money could be gone after one court hearing. If he paying a month deposit plus 3 months in advance, then maybe just plan on giving notice at the start of his last paid month if you feel he s too much of a risk then. How does it work, though, if he pays for 3 but wants to leave after 1? Do you have to refund him the 2 months, or is it forfeit? I want some sort of clause saying if he leaves early, he liable for that 3 months unless you (not him) can find another qualified roommate.

He pay a year in advance each year. That was because some government program (possibly the Veterans Admin) didn count prepaid rent as an asset when determining whether he was eligible for services, but cash in a bank account was counted. So he pay up a few weeks in advance of their annual audit of his finances to keep himself eligible for whatever he was getting.

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If they are carrying a bunch of debt on credit report or having a divorce bankruptcy could be in their future and it could get messy.

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Nike Air Max Women

A family member of mine had an applicant who was a stripper/exoctic dancer who offered to pay 6 months in advance in cash. I not sure if it was all in ones. :)

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I have seen this before where they haven paid the previous landlord and that the reason they have the money or they come into a big job or small windfall and want to secure a place for awhile. Look at the self employed income. Does it stay balanced through the year or are certain months slow for that type of profession??

´╗┐Ever get a tenant offering to pay a few months in advan

The other possibility is that they be doing something illegal out of the house and want to ensure that you have Nike Air Max Sneakers 2016

Nike Air Max Women

house is in the name of this person and a (likely) spouse name. It seems like this might be a divorce.

no reason to come around. I heard of this with tenants growing pot in the house.

out and in each month?? If the income is even each month and they can pay say 4 months in advance it might be worth the risk. If they can only pay 2 months and the type of job shows slow months ahead and they have little to no reserves I would pass.

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