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"When water temps are less than 55 (degrees) Farenheit these fish can be caught in just a few feet of water," Berry said.

"I am always nervous when they move into an ecosystem they have not treated, saturating an entire river with pesticides that makes a lot of us nervous," Andrews said.

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"Our big concern is that they are expanding treatment (this year) to new streams," said Mike Winslow, staff scientist for the Lake Champlain Committee a nonprofit group based in Burlington. Last year officials did a substantial treatment in the Poultney River, and have treated the Ausable River delta for two years, Winslow noted.

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Editor's Note: The following story includes a clarification regarding the number of charter boats on Lake Champlain.

"You are killing three years worth of lamprey" during a treatment said Berry. "You are seeing some effects in the first (year), some in the second and some in the third."

SWANTON A program using chemicals to kill sea lamprey in Lake Champlain tributaries hasn't reduced the lampreys' wounding of trout and salmon, appears to harm other species, while also falling short of the financial gains originally planned, some environmentalists assert.

Effects are seen over a two to three year period after a treatment is done, according Tom Berry, Lake Champlain program director for the Nature Conservancy, which has generally supported treatments.

Mollie Matteson of the Center for Biological Diversity, a nonprofit group with an office in Richmond, is worried that recent treatment of the Mississiquoi could hurt species that live there, including the mussels.

Another treatment in early October of the Winooski River killed 16 mudpuppies and killed or put at risk other nontargets species, Winslow said. Fish and Wildlife earlier this year asking for re evaluation of the program.

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Winslow and Matteson have begun strenuously objecting to the program's inability, in any significant way, to reduce fish woundings to the stocked native lake trout, Atlantic salmon or Walleye pike.

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treatments of sea lamprey has been good for the survival of salmonids in the lake, members of groups like Trout Unlimited and the operators of charter boats have expressed support for the program.

However, Winslow said the state and federal fishery biolgists' move to add new streams for treatment was not justified before the impacts of a 2007 treatment in the Poultney River had been assessed adequately over a period of at least two years.

Not only are the stocked trout and salmon caught as trophy fish in deeper water in the lake in summer, but anglers also fish for them from shore when the lake gets colder in the spring and fall, Berry noted.

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has offered insufficient reason to believe that the environmental and economic benefits described for the sea lamprey program would actually be achieved by the expansion," Winslow said.

The number of wounds per 100 lake trout has also remained well above the target of 25 per 100 fish in 2006. In 2007, the numbers of wounds (per 100) did drop a marked 52 wounds to 46, however that occurred with a smaller number of trout sampled, Winslow noted.

The program has undergone a number of revisions since it's inception, Tilton said. A high percentage of young lamprey living in the Poultney River were killed in a treatment of that stream last year, he said. A second Vermont treatment was slated for early November in the Mississquoi River and finally went forward Nike Air Max Sneakerboot On Feet Nov. 10, apparently marking the first time that two Vermont streams have been set for treatment in one year, officials said.

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Although the program has led to an extensive kill of the sea lamprey, federal officials agree it has fallen short as far as reducing woundings to trout and salmon.

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the mudpuppy, the imperiled species killed in the Winooski, also has been concerned about the treatments and potential effects on all the non target species.

The Nature Conservancy continues to support the program, Berry said. "They are killing a lot of lamprey," he added.

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Herptologist James Andrews, who has sought legal protection for Nike Air Max 2016 Girl

"One of the groups that really gets hit is the other kind of lamprey," Andrews said, adding that the northern brook, silver and American lamprey are three native species vulnerable to the effects of the chemical.


There are a wide variety of nontarget species that can be hurt by pesticides, he said.

"It certainly hasn't reached the targets that we have proposed," said David Tilton, a Fish and Wildlife biologist.

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The eel like parasites, which grow to nearly two feet in length, attach to the sides of fish and suck out their fluids. When anglers hook a trout or salmon, they are frequently pulled from lake with the lamprey hanging off them, something anglers don't like to see.

The Nature Conservancy's Berry cited that reduction as a positive move in wounding rates, although he acknowledged that the wounding to lake trout is still well off the mark of 25 wounds per 100 trout. The program should be working to meet its goal of bringing wounding rates to that goal, Berry said.

"We are going to have impacts on species in a federal wildlife reserve," Matteson said.

In terms of lamprey wounding rates seen in the last few years, studies have show that the limits of wounding fell short of the goal of 15 wounds per 100 fish for Atlantic salmon. Instead, the woundings rose to 71 wounds per 100 salmon in 2006 and stayed the same in 2007.

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´╗┐Environmentalists claim Lampricide doing more harm then good

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