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Being from Oakland/San Leandro, Korematsu would be more of a local community representative than either King or Chavez.

Energy choice threatened

However, Peele's criticism of 's Police Protection and Community Service District Board and three of its members because the district can recover some of its attorneys' fees spent in defending its three directors in the expensive lawsuit brought by several residents implies facts different from those found by the Court of Appeal in its published decision.

I suggest that if this situation "stinks," as Peele suggests, the residents who sued and their lawyer, who he appears to champion, contributed to the smell.

This is in response to the June 13 letter by the Coynes, "Renaming of Portola school."

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I am a longtime El Cerrito resident and have known Portola Middle School for many years. Many students have attended this school, on an El Cerrito hillside, in past decades.

SLAPP expressly provides for the recovery of attorneys' fees in a factual situation like the one found by the court. As Peele points out, the residents who sued the board and three of its directors were represented by a lawyer, Mari Metcalf, herself a former director of the board. She should have known that if the board and/or its three directors brought a SLAPP motion and won, her clients could be liable for some or all of the defendants' attorneys' fees.

not on the same level as King or Chavez is a slap in the face to all Japanese Americans who were interned in America's 10 concentration camps, as well as those who served in the 442nd Regimental Combat Unit or the Military Intelligence Service.

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people to sign up one by one. Too few people would take the trouble. No new CCA would have the critical mass to start.

Fred Toyosaburo Korematsu was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bill Clinton in 1998. Korematsu's was one of the Supreme Court cases against the World War II evacuation and internment of 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry.

´╗┐El Cerrito Journal letters Nike Air Max Shoes Grey to the editor

Kris WhittenDon't change school's name

AB2145 is an attempt to eliminate your choice and entrench PG monopoly. Please urge your state senator to vote "no" on AB2145.

Please do not waste taxpayers' time and money. Let us focus on how to provide a better education for all of our children. Furthermore, we should not erase "Portola" from our children's precious memories. Rather, we should give them a sense of roots in El Cerrito.

three of its directors was without legal merit. Also, the motion brought by the district and those three directors under the Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP) statute, was well taken as to the suit against the three individual directors, but not as to the suit against the district.

Korematsu a good choice

Using Peele's hyperbolic phraseology, the court essentially ruled that the angry residents improperly tried to "punish" the individual board members for voting the way they did. But if they had just challenged the board's action without suing the directors individually, they would not be facing the remedies provided for defendants under the SLAPP statute.

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El Cerrito

On June 3, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors took the first step to create a community choice energy program (CCA). The county, and those cities which join, would deliver power chosen by the community at competitive rates.

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They "don't think Korematsu ranks with Martin Luther King Jr. or Cesar Chavez," and yet had no suggestions of "other names that would represent our community."

To say Korematsu is Nike Air Max Women 2014 Pink

The new school location is nearby, with a probable move in date in January or February 2016. I do not see any reason at all for renaming Portola school.

Patricia Tai

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As the court's opinion found, the lawsuit brought against the district and Nike Air Max Womens White

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Please do not change the name of Portola school.

It would create local jobs by providing energy efficiency upgrades and installing local renewable energy. CCA proposals are springing up across California, spurred by our need for competitive choice and its benefits. The power would be cleaner than PG AB2145, if approved by the state Legislature, would require Nike Air Max Online Shopping

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