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The commissioner who presided over the Elliot Lake mall collapse inquiry dismissed Robert Wood application Monday, writing that the open court principle is particularly important for public inquiries.

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The commissioner also noted that Wood testimony was open to the public, garnered a fair amount of 2017 Air Max Blue

Although a commission does not lay blame as such, Belanger has already informed Wood he may make adverse findings against him.

Wood argued in his application for a publication ban that potentially adverse findings in Belanger report, due by the end of October, could jeopardize his right to a fair trial on charges of criminal negligence causing death and bodily harm.

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media coverage, and is still available on the commission website along with the rest of the evidence and submissions.

into the June 2012 tragedy last October.

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a redaction order would prevent the publication of a possibly important and integral part of the report, which the public and community of Elliot Lake have been waiting for for over two years, Commissioner Paul Belanger wrote.

Belanger commission of inquiry wrapped up public hearings Nike Air Max 2016 Triple Black

´╗┐engineer loses bid to keep parts of Elliot Lake mall collapse report secret

Among those testifying was Wood, who had attested to the structural soundness of the Algo Centre Mall in Elliot Lake in an inspection report he altered to downplay the building state of disrepair. Weeks after that Nike Air Max Sequent 2016

Nike Air Max Shoes Black And White

Nike Air Max Shoes Black And White

Nike Air Max Shoes Black And White

it reasonable to keep an integral and significant part of the commission report hidden all this time? he wrote. think not. attempt to keep parts of the report under wraps until after his trial to take into account the realities surrounding jury selection, Belanger wrote.

At this point Wood trial is unlikely to take place until late 2015, at the earliest, Belanger wrote.

OTTAWA A discredited former engineer has lost his bid to keep parts of a report into the deadly collapse of a northern Ontario mall secret until after his criminal trial.

I agree 100% with what you have said Woos is most likely guilty and he will be harshly looked upon in the Report but that Report will be heavily tied to any Criminal proceedings and now he Nike Air Max Shoes Black And White will most likely successfully argue that he will not be able to get a Fair and Impartial Trial and who knows where that will lead. The fair decision to make was to withhold the Publication until after the Jury had been selected and then introduced as evidence in the trial. That way,there is no jury pool contamination. Really??Commissioner Belanger expects People to ignore Media reports???What Planet does he live on? The Report will be forgotten long before the Jury is selected?? Again Really?? Perhaps, until all the Media outlets bring it back up,pretrial,during trial and post trial. I am not a Lawyer,but have enough rudimentary knowledge of the Law and Common Sense to see this.

Wood was concerned that Belanger findings could taint the pool of potential jurors for his trial.

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But Belanger sided with a trio of media organizations The Canadian Press, the Globe and Mail and CBC that opposed Wood request, concluding that Wood failed to show that publication of the report would pose a serious threat to his right to a fair trial.

Jurors are instructed to ignore media coverage. Wood also has the right to seek a change of venue for his trial. And by the time Wood trial takes place potential jurors memories undoubtedly have faded, Belanger wrote.

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report, part of the rooftop parking deck caved in. Two women were killed and several other people were hurt.

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In addition to his criminal charges laid in January, Wood also faces mall related charges from last year that he violated provincial health and safety laws.

Nike Air Max Shoes Black And White

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