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I also can't see how the claim that the new centre will cost more to run can be justified when compared to an old and frankly knackered building.

Oh PS, I get so tired of having to repeat this but it's not about what I think. The campaign's position was based on the consultations in which the majority clearly asked for the current facility to be renewed, not replaced. Many of those consulted were regular users of the centre. The fact that this unequivocal response was ignored by Nike Air Max 2014 Sale Womens

´╗┐Eric Pickles approved the city council's request for consent to demolish the Victoria Leisure Centre

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I'm sorry, but this is just so much rubbish. It's not a sad day for local democracy a new centre will be built which wasn't the original plan, even if it wasn't what Mr Anderson thinks the majority wanted I would like to ask whether these were people who actually used the centre, or more accurately might use the centre if it was a more attractive facility to use?

For those of you who wish to, there is a role now for a group to make sure the new centre is built as well as it can be and that it is run for the benefit of the local people.

the road for the current facility. Short of chaining ourselves to the building there's nothing left that campaigners can do.

the Councillors is what is so offensive to those of us who took part in these consultations. Your comments are more of the same tired approximations that have been bandied about by the Council since this affair started. They are based on supposition and opinion and have no basis in fact. Any fool could see that the reason why the centre was so decrepit was because the Council had deliberately deprived it of investment over 20 years; but that the idea that this made it irredeemable is prepostrous. By your childlike logic we should knock down all our old buildings. Perhaps we should start with the Council House? My 'claim' about the cost of running is based on the Council's own figures produced on their last budget. Finally, may I suggest that no one with any sense could proclaim a pool which offers 40% less water space than the one it replaces to be an improvement. Please PS, do your bit to improve the standard of debate in our city by talking about facts rather than recycling half baked views which fall apart under cross examination.

It is emphatically not what the community asked for and will cost a massive amount of money. It will undoubtedly look very shiny when (if) it is finished but the real judgement should be made in 10 years.

You only need to look at the usage of the new Djanogly pool to prove that people are more prepared to use a well designed, modern facility. Simply updated the existing Victoria Leisure Centre wouldn't have done this.

Despite the protests of many thousands over the past 13 years, the council has finally got its way.

Before the campaign says goodbye, a final thank you to the many who marched, wrote and petitioned, and to the small number who worked their socks off trying to fight the machinations of a considerable number of paid managers and consultants who were put to work by the council to take away something we hold dear.

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MAT ANDERSON Save Victoria Baths Campaign Group Promenade, St Ann's

It is a very sad day for local democracy and for the majority of us in the local community who wanted to see the current building preserved and renewed.

For those of us who are concerned about the country's carbon footprint, it is no comfort to learn (from the council's own policy documents just out) that nearly half of all waste in the East Midlands comes from construction and demolition.

Whilst it's disappointing that there will Nike Air Max 2014 Grey And Black

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A "friends" group could lobby to ensure the new centre is adequately staffed and repaired properly.

It could make sure that the council knows it is being watched.

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As for community approval, I'm far from convinced that local people (and that should include more than just St Anns and Sneinton) would prefer a renovated old centre against the new modern centre.

ON Friday, July 16, the Secretary of State for Local Government and Communities, Eric Pickles approved the city council's request for consent to demolish the Victoria Leisure Centre.

The new building will not offer as many facilities as Nike Air Max 2016 Print the old and will certainly be more expensive to run.

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be fewer facilities, the pool will be a massive improvement and will encourage more people to use it.

Councillors have to take a view that considers all of the responses from consulations as well as issues such as the expected levels of usage to make a decision.

It is highly doubtful it will be as solidly put together as the current one.

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