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The couple donates time at the Elizabeth Inn working in the laundry room and computer lab, where clients are helped in building resumes, job searching, applying for food stamps and seeking more permanent housing.

"It does take a lot of strength, especially if everyone sees you that way," Bruce said about clients who have a criminal record or are getting out of rehabilitation for substance abuse. "There is a lot given, but there is a lot of expectations."

women's area two Sunday nights a month. "It makes your life perspective very different."

Bruce said volunteering for MUST Ministries has been the greatest thing to ever happen in her life. Miska in a quick and quiet way, with a smile spread across his face, said Bruce is the best thing to every happen to him in his life.

Nike Air Max 2016 Heat Map

Nike Air Max 2016 Heat Map

"You have to say, 'I'll do my part,'" Miska said.

Miska proposed one year almost to the date after the couple took their first hike through Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park at a peak on the trail, overlooking the Cobb community they will now call home together.

was someone I wanted as a friend," Miska said about Bruce from the first time they met.

Nike Air Max 2016 Heat Map

Nike Air Max 2016 Heat Map

"It is very humbling," said Bruce, who also assists in the Nike Air Max New York

Nike Air Max 2016 Heat Map

Two years ago, Bruce and Miska Nike Air Max Sale Size 5.5

"In this marriage, I am teaming up with somebody," Miska said. The couple will be better able to give together and make a difference together than they could as two individuals.

Nike Air Max 2016 Heat Map

Nike Air Max 2016 Heat Map

One striking image was of a guy with a trash bag slung over his shoulder, holding all his possessions, as he headed into the woods.

Community work by members of the community

As a certified public accountant who works as a recovery audit expert, Bruce said she appreciates how MUST Ministries relies on a volunteer staff, meaning Nike Air Max 2016 Heat Map time and donations go directly to clients to make an impact.

Michele Bruce, 35, and David Miska, 47, started volunteering at MUST Ministries' emergency shelter while enrolled in the Leadership Cobb class with the Cobb Chamber in 2013. A romance blossomed between the two and the couple will wed in Roswell next month. Ike Reighard, president and CEO of MUST, will officiate the marriage. Instead of traditional wedding presents, the couple is asking for items that can be donated to the shelter, such as detergent, bras, socks and Band Aids.

Last year, the duo worked side by side as friends. But next weekend, Bruce and Miska will be volunteering as a couple very much in love with each other and the community work they do together.

When he first begin volunteering with MUST Ministries, Miska said he was in awe of the need he saw.

Nike Air Max 2016 Heat Map

Nike Air Max 2016 Heat Map

At the back of the men's quarters are plastic bins where dirty clothes are piled. Bruce and Miska launder those items worn by the men, some who have entered the shelter for the first time after living in the woods or on the streets for a few weeks or months.

individually volunteered in the large organized effort to clean up different sections of the Chattahoochee River called Sweep the Hooch.

Although Bruce admits it is hard for some men and women who face drug and alcohol addictions to change.

While washing the dirty laundry of people in need, conversations between Bruce and Miska developed that made the couple realize they shared the same values.

"Our dates aren't traditional ones," Bruce said.

Miska said those few items of clothing are all the men might own, often only one pair of pants and socks with holes.

Michele Bruce, 35, and David Miska, 47, created online registries with both Wal Mart and Target to benefit the MUST Ministries emergency shelter and work recovery program.

Special to the MDJ/Sunshine Smiles Photography by Sandi Purinton.

In order to sleep at the emergency overnight shelter, clients must complete chores, stay sober and find a job.

In fact, the couple spent this past Valentine's Day working in the laundry room of MUST Ministries.

Nike Air Max 2016 Heat Map

Bruce said the Elizabeth Inn is designed to be a short term solution to help homeless families and individuals save resources to pull themselves out of a bad situation.

´╗┐Engaged volunteers who met through charity put soap diapers on registry to donate to those in need

MARIETTA A couple who consistently volunteers at a homeless shelter and has seen their love blossom in that service will donate their wedding gifts next month to the charity that has united them.

"I knew Michele Nike Air Max Women Purple

Miska, who was raised in Louisville, Ky., but spent 24 years in Fairfax, Va., moved to Cobb in 2011 through a transfer with Lockheed Martin to take a position as senior manager for environment safety and health.

Both Bruce and Miska started volunteering at the Elizabeth Inn while enrolled in the Leadership Cobb class with the Cobb Chamber in 2013.

Nike Air Max 2016 Heat Map

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