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´╗┐even recognise for loop with a break https

This came from one of the better known commercial decompilers. You'll have to see the actual output to understand, but at least here are some examples. If this was obfuscated, you'd expect Max 2017 Release Date that would be much more likely.

Although in this case, the object code may have been deliberately obscured. On reflection, I can't help wondering how much of the seemingly pointless diddling of local variables is the result of turning a naive decompiler on a bytestream where the actual instructions are somehow encrypted or masked.

I really don't think so. The decompilation result is genuinely silly. For example look at: if ((int)(local2 + global0) == 0x4550) {

Max 2017 Release Date

Max 2017 Release Date

Either local2 or global0 are pointers to a structure. Neither Nike Air Max Maroon And Black

Max 2017 Release Date

local5 = (unsigned short)(local2 + global0 + 20);

Max 2017 Release Date

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Max 2017 Release Date

NateLawson 1291 days ago linkI wanted to post about this, but I could not remember the name and googling things like '(collaborative OR crowdsource) static binary analysis' was futile. Thanks, it was driving me insane.

Max 2017 Release Date

detected. Advanced decompilers also can avoid gotos in almost any case. This output could be significantly improved if the assembly version were available as well.

You could even include an SMT solver to identify constraints and propagate the range to child basic blocks.

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compile the decompiled code with an optimizing compiler, then decompile that, or use GCC's C backend, or something to automatically simplify the program?

Max 2017 Release Date

Max 2017 Release Date

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Max 2017 Release Date

Max 2017 Release Date

Max 2017 Release Date

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